Cowboy Mounted Shooting is the fastest growing equine sport in the WORLD!! 

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is a team sport between you and your horse, where the fastest time wins. Unlike other speed horsemanship events, there are more than 60 courses that shooters will encounter.

Throughout all courses, there are 10 balloons and you have to run the course, ideally shooting all 10 balloons in the order of fire specified. We have a concept of "raw time", which is how fast a horse and rider can ride the given course, and also penalties. Penalties are added to the raw time for the following reasons: 

  • 5 second penalty for each ballon that is missed
  • 5 second penalty for a knocked over barrel
  • 10 second penalty for not following the course of fire (which is referred to as "procedurals")

​​The raw time and penalties (if any) are added together to determine the fastest rider.

Like many other sports, Cowboy Mounted Shooting has different levels so that everyone can enjoy the sport. Everyone starts as either a Men's or Women's Level 1 and work up through a Level 6 (A Master Mounted Shooter).​

Examine the CMSA Futurity Rules

We love talking to people about our sport, and we are happy to support new shooters. Please reach out to us and we can discuss this exciting sport in more detail!

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We engage the course with two Long Colt .45 single action revolvers. This means you have to pull the hammer back each time you fire the pistol. The ammunition that is used for Cowboy Mounted Shooting is specifically manufactured for the CMSA. They are blanks with just enough powder to engage or pop the targets. This will help ensure the safety of the rider, horse and spectators.

Examine the CMSA Rulebook


More Information

If you are interested in more information regarding the exciting sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting, there are a few options:

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