Please mail your check payable to CO Regulators to:

Dawn Hamm

11751 Orleans Circle

​Commerce City, CO 80022-9669

​You are also welcome to sign up for membership and pay at the shoot.

Thank you for your support to the CO Regulators Club!

Current Members for 2017 Season, as of May 2, 2017 are as follows:

​Axel Thurner                                                          Megan Wilson                                                       

​Stephanie Strube                                                    Kristel King

Jessica Emmons                                                      Kelsey and Clay Brown

Stacie Monroe                                                         Bob Emmons

Verle and Dawn Hamm                                            Robert Rickgauer

James Bish                                                             Dale and Katrina Klotz

Gene Watt                                                              Terry, Dustin, Katy Dewitt

Paul, De, and Biven Chapman                                  Nolan and Misty Sharp 

Jill Colby                                                                Larry and Robyn Pagel

Kari Dack                                                               Adam, Jeanne, Riley, Gage Davis

Troy and Melody Kerr                                             Delos, Erin, Kellen, Avery Searle

Darrell and Susan Dye                                            Crystal Johnson

Nick and Cindy Mergen                                           Christina Seemiller

​Kevin and Jolynn Perry                                           Hannah LaPointe

Mike, Elizabeth, Kaity, Jodi, Laurelle Parsons         Bobby, Tasha, & Callen Chevarria                                          

Chip, Pam, and Hayden Tairney                               Paul and Chris Gortzig

Jenny Blasius                                                         Jean Henderson

Amanda Smith                                                       Melissa Smith

Eric, Anny, Sophia Schrager                                   David, Heather, Melanie Badley

During each winter shoot a random draw from the shooters present is drawn for a free shoot valued at $55. Must be a current 2017 member to win!

1. Dawn Hamm (November)

2. Nick Mergen (January)

​3. Gene Watt (February) 

​4. Diana Gortzig (March)

5. Melody Kerr (April)

6. Stacey Monroe (May)

Must be a current member of CO Regulators and attend a minimum of half the hosted shoots; as a member, in a given season to be eligible for year end benefits.  All members will receive regular communications, reminder for upcoming shoots or clinics and are entitled to vote at club meetings.