balloon setters

WE want you!!!

At every shoot there is a VERY IMPORTANT job that we need help with!  Balloon setting! 

​Do you need to earn money for your club?  We can help!  We pay $10 per shooter to the balloon setters.  That means 50 shooters earns the balloon setters $500 in one day! 

Who needs to sell wrapping paper?  YOUR CLUB CAN MAKE MORE IN ONE DAY BY HELPING US! 

It takes a minimum of 10-15 teenagers along with a couple adults.  Can younger kids do this? Yes but we need kids who can hustle and not get exhausted - so a variety of ages does work!  The faster the balloon setters are the faster the shoot gets over.  We usually start our shoots at 10am (you need to arrive 9:30am and be ready to roll) and we go until we are finished - can be anywhere from 2:30 to 5pm.  The time can vary with the number of shooters that show up.

​Are you interested? ​Please contact Darrel Dye at to sign up your club.