Our Objective


​     Range Master Coordinator

     Chris Rolen



​​​​    Wrangler Coordinator

     Delos Searle
​     ​Delossearle@yahoo.com

The Colorado Regulators is a family oriented mounted shooting club. We are dedicated to equestrian sports and training. The CO Regulators is a club with years of Mounted Shooting experience. Among our members are men, women, juniors, seniors and children with all types of horses. 


     Larry Pagel
​     ​lpagel21@gmail.com


     Margaret Lewis

​     lmvlewis@xplornet.com

Our Members


     Arena Coordinator

     Dale Klotz




      ​Rick Carlson


​      970-412-1271


     Kari Dack
​     coregulators@gmail.com


Our charter members come from a diverse background, with one thing in common: a love for guns & fast horses. This is why our club is unique. The equestrian experience is something our club does not take lightly. The sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting is a team sport, the horse and rider. We believe you have to have a quality team surrounding you and supporting you in order to have the most fun in this sport.

We encourage everyone to participate in the club and welcome new members, or people who just want to watch. We hope to see you at an upcoming shoot!

Who are the colorado REgulators?

2019 Board Members

To provide a platform for our members to participate and enjoy the world of Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

DIRECTOR - Forever

     Balloon Setter Coordinator

     Darrell Dye
​     coloradomountedshooters@gmail.com